Finding My Feminine Style: Breasts

Yup, part of finding my style is my breasts. Filling out your bra cups can literally change your physical appearance more than you may expect. It’s not just the two bumps on your chest but the clothes fit differently, attention is moved away from just your face, and you even stand and walk slightly different. Now I have talked about my silicone breasts before, and I do consider them an extension of me. And straight up I love breasts, others and my own. When I got my first set of silicone forms oh so many years ago I was so happy, they made me look so much better and feel better. Those have since been retired and replaced with two pairs actually. I have a c cup and an f cup. And here is my problem, I can really pull off the F cup but it may seem a bit of a stereotype. One of the biggest plus sides to not having my own flesh breasts is that I am able to pick how big I want them to be. So a discussion I guess is needed. I have also added some pictures to illustrate my point, but I didn’t do all my makeup and everything so they are a bit rough.

Just a bralette

No breasts is the first option and this may be a great option for some people. If this is the way you want to go then by all means have at it. But my issue is that not only do breasts make me feel much more feminine it is also that women’s clothing is designed with them in mind. So most women’s clothing fits better with something there. Now some of these double cup push up bras can do some amazing work with just what I have and give me the little shape I may need.

C Cup

C cup breasts are my next option. Now this has always been my default area as it is the Goldilocks zone of not too small and not too big, but are they just right? Now for full disclosure here, this is also my preferred size area on women I won’t go into full details as to why but it just is. But I like them for me as they are more than big enough to give me that feminine feeling I am looking for while still staying fairly average and easy to deal with on a daily basis. They don’t draw all that much attention and bras are much easier to find in this size area. I am also able to just toss a coat on and no one really seems to notice.

F Cup

F cup breasts are my third option. Now I picked these up as a “I wonder how ridiculous I would Look” sort of thing. And the answer is, not overly. Since I am large guy my chest actually fits them quite nicely and with a really good bra they are actually quite comfortable. After awhile they actually became my default breasts. . But they are not subtle in anyway, there is no way not to notice these big girls. It is also harder to find bras that fit and they are more money typically. But my biggest concern is that people will think I am putting on a show as opposed to being me.

So where have I ended up? Well I am sure you can guess by now, I have ended up settling on C cup breasts as my base for my feminine style, I still have the no breasts and large breasts options open to me when I decide to but as an everyday option I think this is the way to go on this one. They fill out my clothes well, give me a feminine chest, aren’t overtly stereotyping, and most important I’m comfortable with them. Do you need breasts? No it is defiantly personal choice, but everyone should at least give them a try every now and then, that is the plus side of crosssdressing after all being able to experiment.

What are your thoughts on breasts and crossdressing? IS it more important if you are bigendered?

2 thoughts on “Finding My Feminine Style: Breasts

  1. I tend to agree with what you have spelled out. I like the feel of my silicone forms pressing against my bra. I do have a few pair of forms in the C and D range. Depending on what I am wearing and where I am heading i may go a bit bigger or a bit more modest. Getting to pick you bust size based on variables is a benefit of being a cross dresser. You do not have to be the same all the time.

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