Finding My Feminine Style: Oh to have long hair

Is there anything more feminine than long hair? Yes definitely, but long hair for women and short hair men is the norm of societies around the world. Luckily if you want long hair all you have to do is wait. Though hair like everything else is part of ones personal style.

Now for me I have light brown hair with an Auburn hue and in summer some blonde highlights all with a slight curl. In other words about the most desirable hair possible. But for those of you with straight hair that long for curls a word of warning, it’s not for the faint of heart and you have to be able to embrace the chaos. Your hair will never do as you want and you just have to accept that. So really the best option is simply for me to grow my hair out into a glorious mane. I even tried it last year and it got long enough that I could do some short pigtails. But it was just not manageable and was getting irritating to deal with and to look professional. So with summer approaching and three weddings to attend I decided to trim it all off. It is much easier to deal with now and while I’m not ruling out longer hair in the future right now I’m content.

Hair extensions are another possibility as most places say the minimum hair length is 10cm or 4″ which most of us have. Seems like a pretty nice option just clip in some chunks of hair and your good to go without the wig hassle. That said most sources tend to be unless you’re well practice and do it just right it just won’t look good. So while not out completely likely not the best option.

So this leaves one option for long hair in my situation, a wig. A wig can transform your look in moments from very masculine to feminine. And you can choose your colour, length, and even curl. But they aren’t without their faults. After all a cheap wig can look cheap and wigs can also get very hot. Now there are many ways to work around these issues, which take time, practice, and money but they can be overcome. And then you have wig maintenance to consider, after all just like the hair on your head they need to be taken care of. Primarily this means having a dedicated space to store them on a fake head so they don’t get tangled and messed up as I can assure you that you don’t want to be detangling a wig for a few hours if you tossed it in a drawer a few too many times so not great if you keep your female wardrobe in a box in the attic.

So is a wig worth it? Well that really depends on what you want to do. If you just want a wig to wear on occasion and for a bit more feminine look and feel than a $30 or $40 wig may do the trick and if it gets destroyed than you’re not out much. If you’re more concerned with going out fully dressed and not concerned with passing than a cheap wig will also likely do the trick or not wig. But if you’re heading out and wanting to pass 100% than you’re going to be putting some money out for a good high-quality wig. But at the point I’m guessing it is going to seem like a totally reasonable expense given how much your bra, breasts, makeup, dress, shoes, and purse cost you.

At the end of the day there is no requirement for you to wear a wig when crossdressing and you do you. But I have to say that the feminine feeling and look long hair can give you is well worth it and very enjoyable and I think everyone should at some point try going full femme mode just to see if it’s for them, maybe it won’t be. To that end a cheap wig from the costume shop at Halloween will do the trick just fine for you to try or just to go out a couple times. It’s worth the $20 just to know.

So what am I going to do? I am not sure entirely but I think I will take some time and let it grow out a bit and see what happens. Maybe I’ll get used to it, I can always cut it off later.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Finding My Feminine Style: Oh to have long hair

  1. I did have long hair years ago but it’s been slowly leaving. It did add something at the time although it was always just pulled back in a pony tail. I do own a wig and it was not very expensive but it’s a must for me if I want to take pictures. Not sure how well it would handle it if I ever wanted to wear it out for the night though.

  2. I am in a similar position regarding my hair. While I still have most of my natural hair it turned gray/white many years ago and I do have a bit of a widow’s peak.
    I have several wigs. All are hot and a bit uncomfortable and wig management is a bit of an art form. If I go out I do wear a wig and I will also wear one from time to time at home but more often at not if I am merely dressing at home I will go with my natural hair.
    Most of my wigs are in the $30-40 range so I do understand that there is a bit of ‘you get what you pay for’. Some do look a lot better than others.
    Your wig is nice and it picks up your colors nicely.

    1. Thank you, $17 off Amazon. Was a bit more read than I was expecting but thankfully I have the skin tone to pull it off. It does really complete the look and makes me feel more feminine.

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