Specialized clothing

Crossdressing is an expensive activity to say the least since you are in essence running two separate wardrobes. But this can be compounded when we get into attempting to pass as a woman. When you look for crossdressing clothing items you can be hit with a number of different items that seem so mystical to get the femme look. But are they really needed?


Gaffs are the first thing that tends to pop up on these sites and in forums. The way to a flat front and to hide it all away. This very tempting for certain outfits and looks one may be going for. Now I have a few gaffs and they are not all that cheap and I know some people swear by them, but for me they just never really worked. For the same price as a gaff I can get 3 pairs of tummy slimming panties that for me do abetter job and I can pick them up at Costco. Actually most tummy control type womens clothing will take care of the bulge fairly easily. So may be it’s for you but I would not start there

Hip and Butt pads

Women defiantly have more curves than men with the wider hips, because men don’t have to allow babies to pass through them. Women also tend to have a bit more junk in the trunk thanks to fat distribution in the body. So these items can be tempting to fill out those curves. I ordered some years ago with hip and butt pads in them. The result? Well they are not all that comfortable and make my butt a bit too big and the hips don’t line up with my hips. Now of course we have silicone ones that can be tailored to your body shape, which sounds amazing the price however does not sound amazing. It may just be easier to dress in a way to highlight what you got and do some workouts to make it look better. If the price is right maybe but I suspect the price is directly related to the quality. That said if some company wants to send me some to try and talk about I’d be open to it 😉


So instead of making your hips wider you can always slim down your midsection with a corset. And I mean a corset proper with metal boning and squeezes you like a sausage. They definitely do the job of getting you an hour glass figure. There is also the eroticism associated with a corset, I mean they are feminine as everything. The downsides are you are being squeezed into the shape literally but maybe you enjoy that. The other downside is the cost as a proper corset that will actually do what you want is going to be $100 or more easily. So I am not saying don’t go this route but at the same time I wouldn’t go for it unless you are also into the corset look.

Silicone Breasts

This is really dependant on what you want. I love my silicone breasts, the way they look, feel, and move is amazing. That said they also are not cheap and are an investment. There are many other options such as birdseed, clothes, and foam forms that are all much more approachable in price. So I am not going to say you shouldn’t get some nice silicone breasts but I’d make sure you have your look figured out first.

Pocketed Bras

These are bras that have pockets to hold forms in place. They are not essential but handy not only to keep things in place but also to reduce the sweat that can build up behind silicone forms. If you are investing in silicone breasts then I would get a few of these to supplement your bras.


Many of these items may seem essential to get that feminine look and if you are experienced and skilled in how to use them they may be of great use to you. That said I would likely place many of these in the advanced category. You can get a very feminine look with clothes from local stores, a wig from the costume shop, and good makeup skills. I would be investing my time and energy into finding clothes that compliment the body you have and perhaps finding a workout and diet plan that will help that as opposed to the speciality items to you on many crossdressing sites. Then after you have your basics down you can look at the more specialised items and figure out which ones are best suited to get you the look you want. After all a corset, gaff, hip and butt pads, and silicone breasts will set you back $400 to $1000 and you can buy a lot of clothes and makeup for that.

2 thoughts on “Specialized clothing

  1. I have never had a gaff. control panties and control pantyhose get me most of the way there without the discomfort I understand comes with wearing a gaff.
    Hip and butt pads have had not interest for me.
    I have a few corsets but they do not seem to fit all that well and are noticable under most outfits and are not comfortable.
    I have bought several breast forms. No pocket bras. I take used pantyhose,(hose without too much spandex or elastacity) and I put my forms in the cut off leg of the pantyhose. It feels better and smoother on my skin and the nylon does serve as a sweat barrier.
    Getting the proper clothes is the key to presentation.

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