Finding my Feminine Style: Glasses

Way back in 2013 I wrote a post about maybe getting women’s glasses to complete the look. Well this year I finally got around to doing it. My prescription is slight with -0.25 in one eye and a slight astigmatism in the other. In other words near perfect but just off enough that high definition TVs aren’t quite 100% and my eyes can get a bit strained at times. With such a slight prescription it means that my lenses are actually quite cheap and work has a health plan. So after putting some thought into it I finally went over to one of those online stores ( as knew people tha had ordered) and sifted through the options and finally found a male pair that seemed to suit me and was listed as unisex and a definitely women’s pair. With a sale and coupon codes actually got two pairs for $120 and got most of that back from insurance. It was so cheap I actually went out to Costco and got another set of men’s glasses that fit perfectly and was still within budget of the health plan. Oh and my old glasses still have a valid prescription so I now have four pairs of glasses, three of which are unisex or women’s.

Today though I am writing about one pair in particular, the women’s glasses. So are they an absolutely perfect fit? Not exactly since I have a wide face it was hard to find a pair that was perfect. But they fit fine and the prescription is on so no issues there. Now anyone who wears glasses knows how much they change your look and it’s the same going from a fairly unisex frame to a women’s frame. It really does make the look better. Add on some makeup and a wig and the change is down right drastic.

So is it worth it? It really depends my spouse has a strong prescription and as such the lenses typically cost more than the frames. For her the insurance covered most of one pair. For me with such a slight prescription I was able to wrangle 3 pairs out of it. So if you’re able to find a good unisex frame go for it. If you are looking for a women’s only set to wear when dressed then it comes down to budget. Three pairs cost me about $120 personally after insurance. So for the $25 or so that went to the women’s frames yes absolutely worth it. They really do complete the look. Also if you have no prescription then it’s always an option to get plano lenses and be one of those people, but then it’s really easy to order online as you have no prescription worries.

So yes worth it, it completes the look a bit more and while it’s not a requirement it does help. And to be honest every little bit helps. Beyond that people have noted how cute they look, so there is that to consider.

Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Finding my Feminine Style: Glasses

  1. Glad you found something that works for you!
    For myself, I’ve always worn glasses. The past few months I’ve been experimenting with contact lenses. I am still getting used to them, especially since my glasses were progressive bifocals. My goal is to be able to wear women’s sunglasses this summer, something I couldn’t do easily before.

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