Finding My Feminine Style: Shoes

I do love shoes, really I love shoes. My men’s shoe collection is fairly robust and with a size 13 foot when I go into a store and they ask “what style are you looking at?” I reply “what do you have in a 13?” The typical response at this point is that most things are, I ask them to go and check. After they go off in a huff they come back with a different tone tell me the 4 options they have. This problem is compounded when I’m looking for size 15 women’s shoes.

So why shoes? Well for men’s shoes are one of the few items of clothing we can make our own, the rest is fairly uniform. Women’s clothing allows for so much more self expression in some ways the shoes become less important. Mind you I still adore shoes, unfortunately I only have one pair of women’s shoes and they are 6″ heels because most large size women’s shoes tend to be tall heels. This is likely the fetish coming through in market demand. There are a few places online to purchase larger sized women’s shoes which I will get around to. Just now I have to figure out the style I am looking for. Perhaps some low heels, flats, and a pair of boots to start. Until then I suppose I’ll be wearing men’s shoes with the women’s outfits. Just a shame I don’t have the budget to get a full feminine shoe collection.

2 thoughts on “Finding My Feminine Style: Shoes

  1. It’s got to be the shoes. They are needed and are important to every look and every presentation. I am luck that I can fit into a ladies 12 and that I picked up quite a few from Payless before they went out of business

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