Finding my personal Style: Second hole!

I got my ears pierced a few years ago and have quite enjoyed the ability to add some flair, especially since my secondary side project is making earrings. To this point no one has said anything negative about my ears and today I got a second pair of holes in my ears, because I love earrings. This makes 5 holes all together with two in each ear and one in my navel. Without a doubt until today the most feminine of all my piercings was my navel, after belly piercings are women only. I personally love my belly piercing as it’s super feminine and is always out of sight. Now with a second set of holes I may entering into over territory, but honestly I don’t give a damn anymore. It’s not unusual for men to have earrings and I love wearing them.

So whats next? Well I’m planning on a helix piercing one of these days and that is likely going to be it for extra holes. I have been thinking of a tattoo for awhile but design and placement are important and unlike holes tattoos don’t grow in again.

But if you’re thinking of getting your ears pierced I support it. After all you can always let them grow in and clip one suck.

Also is anyone aware of how high I should shave my side burns?