Pronouns? Don’t care. Adjectives and Adverbs are where it’s at.

I know pronouns can be big deal for some people and I totally get that, I just personally don’t really care. At the end of the day I don’t hear them often in reference to me as I have a name. When you really stop and think about it pronouns are used when you aren’t there mostly. I understand why it’s important and try to respect them as much as possible. All I ask is that if I screw up don’t melt down. Now if someone purposefully uses the wrong pronoun fuck them right up. But that isn’t what today is about, today it’s about adjectives and adverbs. The technical aspects of these is not immensely important as they both serve a similar function, they help to describe something. And for me these are much more important than pronouns.

I have been coming out and one of the main questions is about names and pronouns. Now I don’t typically use pronouns and Jessie is my pen name and people are free to call me that if they prefer. My first name, Logan, is gender neutral any way. What I really care about is people telling me I am pretty or beautiful. These are gendered words and someone using them shows more about them respecting and accepting your gender than a name or pronoun really. It is a compliment and one assigned to women and using them to describe you shows that they are complimenting your femininity. Sure I like being told I’m handsome in a suit but if I am wearing a skirt and have my makeup done it would be deflating even though it is a compliment. This extends to possessive adjectives also. Your skirt, shoes, or purse are more accepting than that skirt, shoes, or purse. They aren’t women’s clothes they are your clothes. Your clothes make you look pretty is much more personal and confirming than she ever could.

While I am not saying pronouns aren’t important I would say adverbs and adjectives that are used to describe you being so personal are more important. But that said I am indifferent to pronouns. My gender is not defined by pronouns it is defined by me and for everyone else by how I look. If they are using feminine words to describe me than that shows me more about their acceptance than pronouns that are hard to break free from. Look on the bright side in English things do not need to be gendered and anyone who has taken French or Spanish can tell you what a nightmare that can be.

One thought on “Pronouns? Don’t care. Adjectives and Adverbs are where it’s at.

  1. I very well written post.
    I do not care about what I am called. It is more about how things are said than the actual words themselves. You can tell from someone’s tone of voice whether they are being nice or not and whether they are sincere. It is all a matter of tone.

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