Makeup lessons I have learned recently

So I didn’t get too much I to make up over my crossdressing years. A bit more in the last few. But the day I shaved the bears did some questionable makeup and put a beard on it came together. I’m a woman! Who also happens to be a man sure. But definitely a woman. And makeup has become enjoyable and interesting for me. Here is a few things I have learned.

Makeup mirrors are pretty great
  • Women who are into makeup are really into makeup and are likely to help anyone man or woman if asked.
  • Women that are into makeup also tend to have a bunch that they do the use or aren’t their colour. You can expect to end up with some extras.
  • The women at the cosmetics counter also love makeup and I have never been treated weird by them. Sure I have to approach them but they live makeup. And selling it.
  • Orange colour correction is great. I have an nyx one orange tinted one that does the job. Just not too much or its a disaster.
  • Find a good foundation. You can build a house with a weak foundation. If you have a limited makeup budget don’t cheap out this step. I got a Younique liquid from a friend and this stuff is amazing. No build up, doesn’t look heavy, and nearly as covering as the dermablend. This is the basis of a natural or extreme look.
  • Get some good brushes. Amazon is great for this. They don’t need to be designer just get the set and see what you use. Like lathe tools. Get the questionable full set of cheap tools and replace the ones you use with good ones.
  • Get a makeup mirror. Seriously I can not believe how much better I am now bit how much more relaxing and enjoyable it is to do my makeup
  • Set aside some space for it. Not just a corner in a bathroom but a table with a chair so you can really relax with it. And if you have a mirror this can be any table
  • Rules from websites and YouTube are guideposts. Play with it, do what works for you and what you like.
  • Take pictures of before and after and your different attempts. You will see what works and what you like. You will also see your skills improve over time.
  • I got a pink makeup eraser cloth for Valentine’s Day. This thing is amazing. Add water and rub and it’s gone. Great for those quick degirling emergencies. Takes the same time to wash your face in a rush and the makeup is gone.
  • Stop trying to make your self look like a woman. Make the woman you are look better. It’s a small mental shift that really helps. Yes even a crossdresser who has no interest in anything more is a woman in that moment.
  • Practice. Just practice and play. You will look terrible at first, but you will get there.

My final point is to enjoy it. Makeup was one of those mysterious caves for me. No clear paths were laid out and much like the allegory the shadows were my perceived reality. My first few attempts were horrifying and out me off for years. Now I have left the cave and I’m much better at it and I really enjoy it. 20 minutes in the morning just to sit and take me in and enjoy all that is happening.

2 thoughts on “Makeup lessons I have learned recently

  1. Makeup, for me, is a fun necessity. I have my technique. I do not know if it works or not it is just what I do and knowing that I cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear I get by just knowing that I did something to move things in the right direction

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