Finding my Feminine Style: Shedding the wig

In my continuing series on finding my personal style I have returned back to my hair. My hair is rather glorious with its natural slight curl and light brown colour and natural red and blond highlights. But it was just a little too short to be a women’s hair cut. It is now out to a length where it is starting look be able to be feminine without being overtly so. I am getting more comfortable with my natural hair as her hair.

This is a major shift for me as it means I don’t have to rely on wigs to get that feminine look I am heading for. I love my wigs as they can really complete the look, but not needing a wig is fantastic. So I took the plunge and decided to get a trim done up. Natural curl can get hard to manage and so a thinning out so I wouldn’t loose my mind growing it was needed.

Just so happens some of the jewelry I make is sold at a salon a block from my work. We had a chat and then an opening came up. So I booked myself in and touched up my makeup. I have always seen a hairdresser and taken care of my hair, a combination of curls and chlorinated water means you have to. But I’ve had the same hairdresser so long that I’m not used to questions about my hair. It’s generally he knows what works and that’s that. So we decided on a thinning of some of the back to make sure my head stays head shaped and not triangle shaped. And then the side burns, how high do I shave. Well the answer was to trim them to an angle and let them blend in better. It works, I look less masculine but not overtly. It just blends in.

So it’s not a major change but felt good to be out and about. And that sideburn tip is great. But more importantly I’m feeling much more comfortable being a woman with my natural hair, the red ones look awesome but my natural hair is more comfortable and blends in better.

So talk to your Hair Dresser they are the professionals and can likely guide you to a more manageable style that will express the feminine without sacrificial the masculine.

One thought on “Finding my Feminine Style: Shedding the wig

  1. I had let my hair grow a bit but I had to get it cut for my male presentation and job. Perhaps in a year or so I can let it grow longer. It is white/gray

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