Plus and Minus Sides of HRT

I am finally allowing myself to consider and lean towards Hormone Replacement Therapy. After decades of thinking “There is no way I can pull this off” I am realizing that I may be able and after digging into them a bit more they are not as scary as I thought.

For MTF HRT there is a blocker and then the estrogen. This allows your body to develop secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex. So breasts, fat redistribution, stopping hair loss, less body and facial hair, and of course breasts. The major down side being of course that it will shrink testicles and lead to an erectile dysfunction issue, perhaps very long term.

So what is permanent? The only thing that is guaranteed to be permanent is the breast growth. If you stop HRT the fat that makes them bigger will move away so they will not be as large, so nipples really. The testicular shrinkage and erectile issues are variable in their initial effects and reversing them can also be variable and is dependent on time you were on them and other factors. So 12 months HRT is likely to give you some nipples and larger areolas with little other long term permanent impacts. But it may happen.

So why should I consider Hormones? After all I am a bigender woman, not a full out transgender woman. HRT is highly variable but an optimistic outcome for someone of my age etc is a B cup, more likely to be an A cup. So we aren’t talking about giant knockers here. I am not likely to be content living the rest of my life as woman full time. But you see I am content living the rest of my life mostly as a woman. So the bonus of not having a flat chest and being able to use a push-up bras to get the girls up coupled with the rest to allow myself to look more feminine is pretty darn tempting. When I am going guy mode I suppose a good sports bra is likely to keep them reasonably in check.

And what about downstairs? Isn’t the possibility of not being able to perform like a man an issue? The answer is yes it is a concern but the full impact on that area is not known and there is no way to predict. There is always Viagra or something to assist in that department and there is more than one way to fulfill your and your partners needs. I think having the ability to get it up and keep it up forever is a younger mans goal anyways. Been there done that, and honestly not the most important to me.

What about the other risks? Increase of heart disease, liver, blood clots and the rest. Well many things can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, genetics, lifestyle, and stress. It is a risk but at the same time if you are happier and less stressed your risks of cardiovascular health issues is reduced. This is not based on any research mind you just my knowledge of such diseases which while above average is not medical. And to quote Blade Runner “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” which it seems was quoting Lao Tzu.

Why I Should take HRT

  • Breasts! Small but the breasts I have always desired
  • More Feminine Look
  • Less body hair
  • Less muscle mass
  • Better hair on head
  • Reasonably low risk
  • Because I want to

Why I Shouldn’t Take HRT

  • Breasts! Small and are permanent will need to be hidden if I go in guy mode
  • Will have a negative impact on my erections. Full extent unknown

So in conclusion is HRT for me? I think it very well maybe for me. I will talk to an expert and see what happens and where life takes me but on the list of plus and minus sides I would have to say at this point in my life the plus takes the win. It is not as if I take the pills and the next day poof I’m a woman. I can start and if I don’t care for them stop with little negative impact. Sure I will have bigger nipples but that’s not so bad.

So I will keep you posted.

And Wikipedia has a really great article on this which correlates with all of the other sites I have read up on, but always seek advice form your medical doctor.

4 thoughts on “Plus and Minus Sides of HRT

  1. I am glad that you are following the scientific method in evaluating this decision. Weigh the pros and cons. Also the ability to stop is important.
    Many who has started on HRT report that they have experienced major psychological benefits. They feel in sync. You do not even mention any potential psychIC changes.
    Finally, a friend of mine, after getting his kids through college and paying off his house went out and bought a 2 seater BMW convertible sports car. He then got a vanity plate that simply read “WANTEDIT”. That may be a good enough reason all by itself.

    1. So this may just be my midlife crisis? I’m ok with that.
      One of the biggest psychological barriers for me was the permeance of it all. I finally did my proper homework and will have lots of time to figure it out. I’m looking forward to the feeling of being in sync with myself.

  2. I have a friend who very recently went through the same thought process and has engaged a specialist. For them too, the idea is not a full change, but rather get some curves and feel good about their body, but still retain contact with their male side. Ive had some fleeting thoughts too, but that’s all (still wouldn’t mind some more chest flesh…;)

    1. Ya we forget that we don’t have to go all the way. And we can stop. I’m pretty pumped. Especially about the chest flesh. The other option for those without the hrt is implants. And if I’m spending the money and going through all the work for those I am not getting a little extra, I’m heading for d town for my $8000.

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