Workplace Change up

Since I have decided it’s time for me to transition from primarily a man to primarily a woman I decided to make it a bit more official at work. I have been wearing women’s clothes to the office for two months now with no major issue and it has help me adjust to it. So I decided to give my boss a letter. Quick summary

I am becoming the woman I have always also been. I’m happier and healthier. I’m looking forward to it. HRT when I start will have these few effects you as an employer may need to be aware, since a big part of my job involves swimming. I appreciate the support and understanding.

Later she comes up for coffee, I should point out that we have known each other for about 15 years or so and have a personal and professional relationship.

her: So your going for it?

me: Yup

her: Ok, cool. How does the spouse feel about it?

me: oh she is on board

her: she realises she will be living with a woman for the rest her life right?

me: yes

her: cool

me: the main thing to remember here is that its a slow process and I can stop or reverse hormones at anytime

her: why would someone stop?

me: because you start and realise it isn’t actually for you.

her: ok,

coworker comes in and looks at us: I’m just grabbing my lunch don’t want to get in whatever

me: oh I just told her I’m transitioning

coworker: sounds good

coworker leaves

me: worst case scenario I don’t care for it and I get some breasts

her (Key point here we have known each other a long time): So you want your own? are you it just isn’t because your a boob man?

me: No quite sure that isn’t just it.

her: ok

me: We can figure the details and pronouns later when I decide to change it up

her: oh, you know I can never remember that stuff

me: We will figure it out


So ya that’s done and it was anti climatic.

2 thoughts on “Workplace Change up

  1. You work with good people that you can count on as friends and co-workers and you have a wife that understands you and loves you. Life is good

    PS: What part of your job involves swimming?

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