A great thing is happening, I think she’s awesome

One thing that has held be back a bit over the years has been the fear that I won’t look good, I won’t look feminine enough. More recently I stopped trying to look like a woman and just make the woman I am look better. And it’s worked!

I get up in the morning and I have the option of either being him or her. I choose her. So I put on my underwear, my breasts, and then my makeup. I basically dropped the wig at this point. And then I look in the mirror.

I like her, she’s great

And each day I see more and more this woman who is comfortable, happy, smiling, and pretty. Today I saw this looking back at me and I felt great. I love how I look. So what if I don’t look like a born woman? I look good. She is an amazing woman and I’m happy to be her.

2 thoughts on “A great thing is happening, I think she’s awesome

  1. It is nice of you to let the rest of us come along for the ride. It is nice to see that you are accepting more and more aspects of being who you are and presenting how you wish to present based on your own yens. I am so glad that you and those around you are learning to appreciate the candor and honesty you are bringing to your daily presentations. I can only imagine how much of a weight you must feel has been lifted from your shoulders.

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