Good news I’m loosing weight. Bad news, my wardrobe budget doesn’t want me to.

Since November I have been conscious about what I eat and working out with a simple goal, have some hips so my pants sit on them right. This has resulted in me being more toned, having cheek bones again, clothes fitting looser, and 20 lbs down. These are all on the whole a great thing, my women’s pant size is down from 16 to 14 and my belt is two more notches in. I am also noticing my bras are moving in on the hooks. This is great for my health and my look but there is one small problem, my clothes are going to stop fitting. This is a good problem to have I know, but it hurts the budget a bit.

Tops are less of a concern as they can fit fine being a little loose. The bras are of concern as they are not cheap and I have a few of them. If I go from 40 to 38 band size I may have to be replacing quite a few. Now I love bra shopping and there is much more selection at 38 that 40. I suppose since my breasts are silicone I’ll also be going up a cup size.

Pants are the greater concern as you can only bring the belt in so much before they obviously do not fit anymore. And with womens pants there is the added complexity of no belts to tighten up on many of them. A saving grace here is that my spouse has also been loosing weight and is into a 12 and has spare size 14. Maybe we can get her into a size 10 and then we only need to replace one of our wardrobes. This is all complicated by the fact that I have two wardrobes to replace and I use both in my daily life. This was simpler when I was not living bigender and could easily prioritize one of the wardrobes.

Now just to be clear this is a good problem to have. I would much rather be going down than up or staying the same. I’ll likely be hitting sizes that can be bought anywhere and less specialized or hard to find. I am also healthier, look better, and feel better. So womanhood and the need for some hips has been a great motivator to get my weight back under control. Just not ideal for my clothing budget

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