Pictures, why you should take them

I have to admit something, I love photography and always have. I learned on a 110, then a simple 35mm, then SLR, then darkroom work, and finally DSLR. Dropping $1000 on a DSLR makes total sense to me. Even though my Galaxy S9+ has a ridiculous camera set up it simply can’t compete with a modern DSLR but it’s does a great job of attempting to. I have always loved taking pictures of so many things. Just one thing I hate, pictures of me.

Well at least that was the case, I guess it’s more accurate to say I hate pictures of him but love pictures of her. Since I accepted and embraced being bigender and likely trans I have enjoyed having my picture taken a great deal. I actually look forward to it now and my phone is filling up with selfies and other photos. It is a good reminder as to why you do what you do and can also show you how your skills and look have changed over time. My makeup skills in the last 4 months have become fantastic and it shows through the pictures.

So good photo tips:

  • Ditch the mirror selfies, get a selfie stick. Your will get better angles and less mirror oddness.
  • The adapter on the selfies stick can also be put on a tripod head so you can hook your phone up there
  • Front lighting and make sure it’s not too hard. Contrary to popular belief if you want good outdoor photos you want a slightly cloudy day as it softens the light. Bright living room or a treed park are both great options.
  • You look good! Own it! This isn’t about looking like a woman but you looking good as a woman.
  • Higher angles tend to give you a thinner appearance.
  • Keep you shoulders at an angle to the camera, this lessens the width of your body
  • Get someone else to take photos
  • And finally enjoy it!