Have an HRT consult appointment

Got a phone call today about an appointment with a doctor to start the HRT process. I had been expecting this call and when it came nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I expected myself to feel nervous or have doubts about this path. But I simply don’t have any. Perhaps because it’s a consult only but it is the beginning of something very different. It is potentially one of the most important hours of my life and only 6 weeks away. After all it could start the end of him.

A few questions I have are: What will happen? How will I turn out? How will my body look?

I’m not questioning if it’s the right choice or not at all. I think I’m ready for this. I have been in woman mode for 3 months now. The clothes, the breasts, the make-up, and all else is normal and me. I put easily run the long hair if my wig through a headband and look forward to having that long myself. I feel like I should be questioning myself but I’m not. Everything seems right in the universe, not a rose coloured view of over excitement. It’s just an easy normal.

I’m ready for this, and even looking forward to all the irritating things like long hair in a pony tail, needing a sports bra, and needing a purse because no pockets. The sitting to pee, bathroom lines, and general discrimination not as much. But worth it on the whole.

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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