It’s the change rooms that concern me not the swim suit

I went to work today in male clothing with breast forms and it seemed normal and nice. This helped make me more confident in my ability to operate as both as I proceed along the HRT path and physically transitioning somewhat. I am now coming to realize that I have to come to terms with an important aspect, swimsuits. The nature of my job requires me to swim as I teach water rescue and lifeguarding. Now assuming I get HRT and head down that path I am faced with the whole breasts on my chest aspect. I am looking forward to having breasts and even the swimsuits and my breasts being in one and I think I have found a reasonable workaround for the bottom (Board Shorts). It’s the whole change room parts that I am less sure of at this point, even more so than washrooms.

I know there tends to be changing stalls in women’s change rooms but not always and I am not sure if I am ready to be getting all out naked in the women’s change room, or being around naked women in the change room. I suppose I will just have to adjust but it is the one area that I am having some issues processing. I have done some reading and it all seems to be about the same answer; just act like you belong. Having had some experience in loss prevention this is the same way to get away with stealing something, don’t act like you’re stealing it. I suppose as long as I don’t act like anything is off then I will be just fine.

Interesting that I have no issues with having breasts and them on reasonable display in a swim suit or even a two piece top but the process of changing is a concern. It likely has something to do with not feeling authentic enough of a woman to change in the women’s changing room. Even today I have breasts forms under my men’s shirt and am reasonably sure that unless I get really lucky I will be able to operate in both worlds, with the one exception that is central to my job. While I have some reservations about what is to come I am overall excited.

2 thoughts on “It’s the change rooms that concern me not the swim suit

  1. It will be one more bridge to cross but my guess is that after you do it the first time you will develop the confidence to move forward.
    I think that we are reaching the point in time when nobody really cares about a T person regardless of the degree of transition.

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