Got New ID

A few weeks back I was checking into some things and discovered I could change the sex on my drivers licence from M to X with no paperwork required. Well that was of interest needless to say. Now my licence does not expire for another year and a half but it was just to tempting. I went down to the issuer one day after work when my hair and makeup were on point and said “So I would like to change my licence from M to X” they said ok and we went about doing it. I got a new photo taken, which works since I shaved my beard and look much different anyways. Total time about 10 minutes and $15 for this change.

Yesterday it came in the mail and it looks pretty good. The x is a minor change up really but the picture is a major change for me, no beard. So how do I feel? Well on the whole it is a a nice little confirmation that society is changing and expecting more than the traditional binaries which gives me hope that the path will be less fraught with danger then I was expecting. I know many people say it is so gratifying to get ID with things more inline with how they feel, and I suppose I feel a bit of that. Though it is the general societal acceptance that encourages me more than anything at this point.

2 thoughts on “Got New ID

  1. It is an affirmation that you are OK. Looking at your current photos I would say that getting a new photo without the beard was well worth the time and effort. changing your marker from M to X also makes sense and could curry favor with police who would know that you are recognized regardless of your attire.

    1. It’s just easier not to get into a situation where the police will need my ID. Honestly it’s crossing the border that concerns me, But I don’t think I’ll be heading into the Dakota’s or Montana anytime soon as a woman.

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