Spring is upon us, now the test really begins

I have been out and about as a woman for about 4 months now and one thing that made this easier was winter. With winter I am able to put on a coat and camouflage myself a bit more. But the weather is warming up and soon I will not be donning a coat to venture outside. This means that I will no longer able to easily go from the safety of my house to the safety of my car to the planned safety of wherever I go. But now that the daily temperature is above freezing each day closer and closer to me being out and open to the world without a coat.

So how do I feel about this? Well excited and nervous. I’m excited to be me, to have the full range of my wardrobe available to me. I am excited to wear skirts out and about, or perhaps a summer dress. I am nervous as I am going to be a male in a skirt. I am sure on the whole it will be of minimal issue, I just have to talk to one last neighbour and I should be in fairly good shape in the daily aspects of life. But I am definitely moving into a more exposed position than I previously took up. But I am looking forward to it, after all women’s fashions are more flexible for summer wear anyways. Well as soon as I build up my footwear at least.

2 thoughts on “Spring is upon us, now the test really begins

  1. Every time out makes you stronger. You seem to have done well over the winter and now you may be more visible when out and about.
    As you get past your fears you will reach a level of comfort. The way to do it is to “Just Do It”.

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