It's weird to plan this

As I am moving forward with everything I find it weird to be planning such as major shift in my life, from that of being a man to that of being a woman who is also a man I have to plan everything. Which while it makes sense it is also a little odd to have this feeling of planning everything out step by step. Up to this point my gender status has evolved fairly naturally without much in the way of a plan per se. I took it one step at a time but now I have plans

First step is to go to my doctors appointment in a month, depending on the COVID-19 situation, to start the HRT process. Now assuming I start fairly soon after and depending on how my body reacts I could start seeing some major changes starting in July. By that point fat may be in different spots and breasts may start to grow. This is all planned.

After that it will be a bit more flexible as things change but it can be expected that 9 to 12 months after my body will not be in a state to not be a woman most of the time. Especially once I get into water training season and am in a swim suit. Hopefully I will be bikini body ready by my 40th birthday in June 2021.

After that is all a little grey of course and dependent on the path life takes me. But as of right now I have for the first time some solid plans as to where this is taking me. And that is very comforting but also feels a little weird. I am looking forward to it.

One thought on “It's weird to plan this

  1. I think that almost anything to do with those of us who find ourselves in a gender blur is both “comforting and weird”. Good choice of words. In my youth one phase was “If it makes you feel good, do it”. Dressing or presenting as a woman makes many of us feel good. It is also weird but I do feel comfortable and comforted when dressed.
    I appreciate your efforts to explain things that are simply difficult to explain.

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