The Plague is upon us

I am sure by now everyone has been made very aware of COVID-19 that is spreading across the world in short order. I myself am in an area that is now under s state of emergency and non-essential services are being shut down. I am just finishing up moving my workplaces important items to an online platform so we are able to work from home next week. One plus side is that I could have more time to dress if I wasn’t living 95% as a woman already including at work. Perhaps I will take the time to some more extreme makeup.

This is a concerning time for everyone so for your safety and everyone else limit your public exposure, wash your hands, and just be careful in general. The 3% mortality rate is not something to sneeze at.

2 thoughts on “The Plague is upon us

  1. We have to be careful. I cannot go to work and there is only so much to do indoors. Every day I do get in an exercise walk after which I shower and put on a dress, hose and heels. I have not done any makeup or wig but it is nice to be dressed most of the day and night around the house. My wife does not want anyone else to know of my dressing and is a natural ‘world class’ worrier, so I do not get out while dressed but life is full of compromises.
    Lets all hope the virus peaks and we can get back to some version of normal

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