At home and Bored

Well I am working from home this week and I am already bored as everything. For some people working from home is a dream come true as they are able to relax and skip the dreaded commute. For me my commute takes me 10 or 12 minutes to complete depending on traffic so that is of little concern to me. We also only have three of us split across two floors with 700 sf on each floor so we are isolated form each other and the office was closed to the public at the beginning of last week so we are in fairly good shape all things considered but best to limit the risks.

So I am now at home, luckily I have my own home office set up all ready as a recent job required me to have a locked down secure workplace. I was able to reorganize the office and make it ideal for working from home. So I moved my desk so the light hits it at a better angle, my whiteboard closer to my desk, set up my thx speakers, dual monitors, gaming headset, dual webcams, and a studio mic. In short I am well set up to work from home.

My job has also shifted from planning program delivery across 651000 square kilometers to setting up and developing online learning. Working for a not for profit has plus sides and down sides but one thing that you need a wide range of skill sets. I run statistical analysis on various aspects, which leads directly from my degree in sociology. I develop and teach advanced water rescue courses based upon my 20 years of experience in the field. I also am responsible for hiring my staff for the summer programs and ensuring they have work sites through the northern half of the province including flights. Basically I have a very broad job to do, and most of the programs I run are now shut down until the current situation passes. I have been assigned to development of online content based upon my degree starting in computer science, photography, and teaching. So I have a few weeks of work. Enough to hopefully carry me over until the government gets the employment benefits figured out which the Prime Minister is currently having a press conference right now about.

So what is the issue? Well I am at home in an office nicer than my work office in many ways, I can head out to my kitchen or lounge on my couch. This should be the dream, and in a few ways it is. But at the same time I am missing that social connection of being out and about. or even with my two coworkers. I have been going in as a woman for about two months now and am used to it. Last week at our weekly coffee meeting at the restaurant half a block away where no one bats an eye at my appearance after the usual business we got into the less formal part of the meeting. One of my coworkers started talking about the new bra she got and how it was a bit tight and the process she had gone through to stretch it out. This is not the first time we have had casual conversations about bras in the workplace. Must be something about aquatics and the lack of clothing we work in and the close quarter maneuvers that in most other industries would be the highest levels of inappropriate.

In truth I miss these little moments of acceptance and learning. There is the slight plus side that when I go out for supplies with so many restrictions in place there are few people to interact with letting me get used to the new reality of my life. And I also get to spend time with the spouse, which while nice is also well you know. Could be worse I have a close friend who moved to another city a few years back and he and his husband rented a tiny condo in the downtown area which they quite like. It’s close to work and many activities to do in the local area which had a vibrant life. He is working from home and his husband is off work in space about as large as my kitchen, dining room, and living room. They are slowly going insane, as a far a few other friends I know living in condos.

The plus sides of course are that I am able to work from the luxury of home, there is also the plus side of being able to experiment with my makeup a bit more. Though I wonder how long I will last, I know many of us are in the same both.

One thought on “At home and Bored

  1. We are locked down in our house. I cannot go to work and since I get paid by the hour worked that is a jolt to the income but I am sure we will survive.
    My days consist of a nice morning walk after which I change into a dress and heels and hunker inside for the rest of the day.
    There are plus sides to this enforced lockdown but I cannot wait for the plague to pass and for us to get back to some sort of normal

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