The Spread of Trans

During this time of COVID-19 large parts of the world are spending ore time at home than they have in very long time. Sure this means you are able to spend more time with kids, spouses, dogs, cats ( Though let’s be honest the cats don’t care), and to focus on you. Many of you may be like me and working from home so I am using my home office. I finally got around to upgrading the hard drive in my laptop to an SSD to extend the use of it it for couple more years. It’s way snappier and totally worth the upgrade it doesn’t even appear as if I’ll need to do my ram but we shall see. Now I just need to ensure I do regular backups as SSD’s don’t have the same reliability of traditional Hard Drives. Others may be out of work right now and hoping the Government will do it’s job. I’m in Canada and the government plans are rolling out and I am sure at this point that I won’t loose my house or anything even though the spouse is is out of work because of this. I am not sure how long my work will continue as what I typically do has been shelved and I am now working on important things but those things don’t generate the revenue for my position, if you can donate some money to a charity or not for profit we are having a tough time keeping out funding going right now. I am sure the majority of us will make it through this if we all do our part and STAY THE FUCK AT HOME. And we expect now to see a bunch of babies born in 9 months because what else is there to do?

Well there is one other thing we can do, wear what we want. We can split those who wear women’s clothing into many different groups: Women, Trans Women, Gender fluid, Bigender, Crossdressers, and you classic Transvestic fetishism. Now the last one is different from the others as it is a fetish, and it’s fine if you have to a fetish I totally understand the draw of women’s clothes it just doesn’t do it for me. The first one is also different because women are totally fine to wear women’s clothing. The others in the middle I would actually look at grouping together into one rather large group, transgendered. If you wear women’s clothes not for primarily sexual reasons and because it just makes you feel relaxed and yourself like many crossdressers that is transgender. Think of transgender being a scale of 0 to 10 with zero being cis and 10 being get all the surgeries. So most crossdressers would likely fall in the 2 or 3 area of trans. I’m up into the 8 area now. But fear not it is highly unlikely that everyone else is a 0, I suspect that most people are a 1 or a 2 on the trans scale I made up. Most people don’t adhere to their assigned gender 100%.

So where is this all leading? Well with so much free time, typically the crossdressers or questioning trans persons most precious resource, people may have much more freedom to see how far down their own rabbit hole goes. For the first time you may have the chance to flip the switch and live totally as the opposite gender for days or weeks from the comfort of your own home. For me my journey of transwoman who crossdresses as a man was truly a journey of Tolkienesque proportions. 25 years and only now is Mount Doom in sight of my mascaraed eyes. I went from Transvestite to Crossdresser very quickly and then stayed there for decades before making the jump to Bigender. Now I am still bigender just woman is the dominant gender by far. And what was it that got me to do these jumps? Time to think, to explore, and to dress. If I hadn’t carved out time for myself to live as a woman I never would be.

So now people all over the world are expected to spend time at home. And for those of us firmly on the transgender scale that means more time to explore our own gender. Instead of hours to be her, or him, you can spend days or weeks fully immersed as the gender you have never made time for. This will be happening all over the world and I suspect that while many have found the bottom of their rabbit hole and are quite comfortable there will be many others that discover they are still falling. We may have many more gender reveal parties as the year goes on not only for those who are to been born but also for those of us who actually know who we are.

My advice then is that while we are all at home we should take the time and see where our rabbit holes go. Sure maybe you will come out with only one wardrobe or maybe just using both more. COVID-19 may not only lead to a spike in babies but in people wearing skirts. Perhaps you will find you are not all that trans, great now you know. Perhaps you will find you want to split your life more evenly between, great. Or maybe you will find yourself desperately wanting to go all the way, well if that is you then roll with it. We can all take some time for self improvement and discovery and we all should.

How are you handling COVID-19?

One thought on “The Spread of Trans

  1. My days go by quickly. I sleep later than normal and the try to get in a decent walk where I will stop top pick up a paper or any minor shopping needs.
    Then lunch and a shower and shave and then into a dress hose and heels. No need for makeup or a wig since there is no place to go.
    Time passes quickly as I try to catch up on things work related but not income producing that I just never seem to have time to accomplish.

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