Just Remember, Crossdressing is fun

I see on twitter and blogs pretty often apprehension with crossdressing. Which I understand completely, going against social mores is hard and the repercussions can be severe. But at the same time this is changing. The repercussions are now social stigma and not jail or a stay in a mental institution. This isn’t a post to say be out and proud mind you, that’s up to you. But I see so many people that feel like crossdressing is a burden. Which is a genuine shame as it can actually be a lot of fun and enjoyable.

Perhaps you are afraid that if you do to much crossdressing you may discover you are trans. Well there are worse things in life than that. No need to deny yourself your daily pleasure because you may want to enjoy your daily life. That is just silly. And there is a good chance that you are not trans any ways. Perhaps you will just figure out that you like being out and about as a woman and also as a man. Win win.

Look women’s clothing is more fun and less utilitarian, so enjoy it. There is no reason to be down on yourself for enjoying clothes, makeup, earrings, and heels.