What to do with my closet

Since I have some how found myself living full time as a woman I am looking at my closet and wondering what to do with it. I split my men’s and women’s clothes up some time ago and moved all my men’s clothing to the home office closet a long time ago. Now I am working from home and in that room all of the time and notice that I haven’t touched anything in there for weeks.

I went through and tinned it out a month or so ago and still it is space that I may actually need for my office work or my expanding women’s wardrobe. I suppose I could move it to the basement spare room closet. I am not planning on tossing it all out but I am just not using it right now. Funny how my clothes have moved and switched spots over the years, at first it was the women’s clothes hidden away like a secret and now it’s the men’s clothes that will be going into hiding.

Now do I need the space right now? Not quite yet I suppose but the day may be coming sooner than I had planned so what is a girl to do? I mean my crossdressing clothes should take secondary prominence to my daily wear. Perhaps I will just leave it for awhile. Continue to sort it down to what I use and store the rest.

3 thoughts on “What to do with my closet

  1. I have a hard time tossing clothes. If I think anything has another wearing or two in them they tend to stay. It is the same regardless of which side of the aisle I am picking from. At some point something has to give but until then it is cram, cram, cram.

      1. Same question I am close crossdresser my wife knows of course when my children were kid they knew I am 75 I got huge ward robe of my women dresses I am worried after my death once my daughter in law or son in law will see this how much embracing situation will be for my wife I had distributed dresses to crossdresser sister again I purchase new

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