New hobbies during self isolation

Into week 4 of social distancing and working from home. It is getting a bit tiresome to be honest, I am a bit of a home body but the complete lack of any social interaction is getting tiresome. I have had s bit of time to make some stuff form wood again which is good. It is just about warm enough to actually clean the yard. And I have time to do house renovations, though money for supplies is a problem. And of course practicing being a woman in private.

But these will not fill the void so last week I got a couple of spool knitting looms and I manged to make 4 knitted infinity scarves in 5 days. So now I am good for scarves for a while and so when I had to get some supplies from the dollar store I found some knitting needles and crochet hooks for cheap. Well I tried crochet as people say it’s easy. That was a mess for me personally and it seems crochet is not my thing. Knitting seems to have worked out rather well and Sunday knit myself a cute little crossbody purse. So that worked out and now I am knitting myself a tote bag and will put the wood shop to work and add some wood handles. Then I will need to learn how to sew up a liner and I think the old linen drop sheet will work well for that as it is heavy enough and the paint splatters should add something, well that and I have it. Perhaps I will then look into tailoring some of my men’s clothes to a or feminine cut.

I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping busy. Take the time to learn or improve a skill. And remember we are all in this together.

6 thoughts on “New hobbies during self isolation

  1. Tried to learn to knit when I was way younger, could never get the hang of it. Which seems weird because I was able to pick up knot tying and using paracord.

    1. I found the right YouTube video. Once I thought about it like sewing and not tying knots I got better. My knot tying is limited to the reef knot, tie knots, and the insane amount I need for fly fishing. Still can’t get a clove hitch down. But it sills the time and the wardrobe.

      1. The downside of working for a not for profit is that we just don’t have the budget for fancy toys. So my work screens were actually my own personal screens. A 24″ and then a more traditional sized which just so happened to have the same screen height but not width. So I brought my big one home along with my keyboard and fancy vertical mouse. I had exported most of my working files to the cloud storage and remote access to the file server. That combined with Microsoft teams for meetings and shared workspace between the three of us it has actually worked out reasonable well. Lucky I just so happen to be reasonably technologically adept to set it all up.

      1. Yup, that’s what the paracord work mostly is. I have made bracelets, lanyards, and keychains with it. Most of them are macrame knots as far as I know. Maybe I will try and upload some pics of the stuff this weekend if I can find it here.

  2. Oddly enough for me the days do go by quickly. Get up…eat breakfast…go for a long walk…make lunch…shower and change into a dress or skirt…help get dinner on the table and there is often also an extraneous chore. I have had 4 doctor visits in the past month and my car needed service and I am waiting for it to be ready. I have some work that take smuch longer to do from a single laptop than from my desk at work with two full screens and a full size keyboard and all my paperwork accessible.

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