You would think I would have more time to write.

When we were living in the Earth that was I was a busy girl and did not have a lot of time to write. Now I am working from home on very different aspects of my job. I went from setting up in field training that would have me on the road for weeks to setting up an online classroom. Having the software deployed to the server, setting up the site, learning the software, putting in place interactive videos, narrating PowerPoints, and making videos. So I have been busy, plus side is that it means I have quite the home video studio now so I have a made a few YouTube videos and I am getting better at them.

The plus side of working at home is that one can dress as they wish, which if women’s clothing was still crossdressing for me as opposed to my default would be great. One of the downsides of working form home is that your work is never far away. Sure I get up whenever and head into my home office and get to work. But my day is rarely done at 5, in fact it is almost daily affair since I am salaried. I do try not to work on weekends but it happens. This last weekend was pushed to me setting up better lighting, testing microphone set ups, camera set ups, and learning Adobe Premiere Elements for videos. This also means that I was able to make a few videos for my own uses, which you may see soon.

So my creative energy has been taken up on those aspects even in lock down. Yes I am feeling a little bit of cabin fever as I am sure we all are but I’m it’s not that bad for me yet. But that is why I have not had the time or energy to write as I have been so engrossed in work and learning new skills which will benefit me in the longer run.

Stay safe everyone.

2 thoughts on “You would think I would have more time to write.

  1. It could also be that your home office is not your WORK at home office
    Before the pandemic you went to work and when you were home you could do your own thing, including the blog. Now that all your work is from the same spot your blog is no longer the diversion that it was when you went to work outside the home

    1. It could be, but my home office had been used for my other job for some time which I am on leave from. I suppose it is also that this blog is part of an outlet for me as writing is relaxing. I could also just be so actively engaged in my other work learning so many new things that I have not needed the distraction as much.

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