I had a weird thing happen today

I had a weird thing happen to me today. I went down to check on some clothes in a box downstairs. I had moved a large portion of my male clothes into storage as I needed the space and I wasn’t using them anyways. So I went in there to do some sorting and they all seemed so alien to me. I didn’t recognize my own clothes at first, in some ways this makes sense I had mostly switched over to women’s clothing prior to COVID-19 and since that point I have been all woman all the time. I’m living the dream I had wanted for so many years and never thought I would. I did not expect to feel like my own men’s clothing to not feel like it was still mine. I suppose it’s possible that I have passed my last time willingly wearing men’s clothing may have passed me by all ready. I’m fine and content with this, I’ll spend the rest of my life as a woman happily if I keep feeling like it. Maybe one day I’ll decide to be a man again, but it won’t be tomorrow.

One thought on “I had a weird thing happen today

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