I made a video for my “I’m a Crossdresser now what?” page

I was taking a look back through my page statistics and “So I am a Crossdresser now what?“‬ is still my top post ever by far.

So I decided it would be a good topic for a YouTube video on my hobby channel. It turned out pretty well and I have it scheduled to go out next week. But I am thinking I’ll put the link here first. Let me know what you think

2 thoughts on “I made a video for my “I’m a Crossdresser now what?” page

  1. Very nice and rather informative but I think a bit long for the format. Billy Joel, in “The Entertainer” bemoaned the fact that the record company wanted him to cut the song down to 3:05. This rule may make sense in the YouTube age when many do not have the time or attention span to stick with anything longer than a few minutes.

    1. Oh this is so true. Most of mine are 5 minutes or under unless I need them longer. In this case I decided to use a longer version because the entire post was longer. And it seems to be the most helpful thing I’ve written.
      Although YouTube counts watch time towards success so either make a tonne of short ones or a few long ones.
      Doesn’t matter really not expecting to make a YouTube fortune. Just putting it out there for those in need of reassurance.

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