I don’t think he is making it through is alive

I’m into week 9 or so of working form home and while I was living primarily woman before COVID-19 while at work also I have only been in woman mode since I started working from home. I always though I would go back but each day that is seeming like less and less of possible outcome. I Know for some people that have been reading all of the time saw this coming, in truth I saw this coming also. I just did not expect it this soon, I was thinking the fall would be when I made “The Switch”. But then lock down happened and everything changed. I know she is making it through this I am not as sure about him anymore.

So what personal barriers do I have?

Yes carrying a purse has been the hardest thing for me thus far. I don’t know why really but it just feels like such a large woman signifier. I am sure I will adore the extra storage space but just not quite there yet

Breasts out and proud
To this point my breasts have been hidden under coats and pull overs but it’s hitting 21 this weekend so it is about time I wore the girls with pride.

My voice is a hold back in many ways, I never used to be self conscious about it but now it is just so masculine that it super clocks me. Well as will my build.

Skirts and Dresses
I adore these articles of clothing but have yet to find it within myself to head out to the store in one.

One plus side is that the current hair trend for men is buzz cut or shaggy, and as such my shaggy look is blending in. I am amazed at how much it has grown out.

I need to be her, now I just need to make sure I have my big girl panties on be her. I love being her, I mean I truly do. I’m happier and better in every way now it’s just to get over the mental barriers I have and be her.

One thought on “I don’t think he is making it through is alive

  1. Hi Jessie, I recently wore a skirt in a store for the very first time. I drove out to the countryside early in the morning, and in an empty village street pulled on my black knee-length skirt over leggings. Apart from the skirt, I was in male clothes. This may have given me more confidence to be seen in public. Anyway, I strolled through the village and saw and talked to a couple of people.

    Then I drove back into town, and bought bread at a convenience store that was open. It was heavenly to walk around in my pretty feminine skirt in full view of the three or four men who were working there, and one woman who was buying groceries. I made sure everyone could see me. I even lingered at a magazine rack in full view of everyone. This was probably my most “out” experience ever, and it was lovely.

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