Running out of clothing space, possible options

Well I’m running low on places to store my wardrobe. This is a problem I have a few options:

  • Build a new dresser is the first option.  I have the tools and the skills for such an endeavor. But wood is expensive and I need the time.
  • Remodel a bedroom into a closet is the other option. I mean we have the spare bedroom but again time and work.
  • Stop buying women’s clothes is an option, but we all know that is not an option.
  • Store more of my male clothes since I am not using them anyway. I do have storage space for this so this seems like the best option really.
  • Donate all my male clothes and go off the deep end. Tempting but not likely

So you may be asking why I am even questioning it since just storing more is the obvious answer? Well because I really want to do the last option, the reckless one. I want to be done with it and see how it works out. As I have mentioned before I have made many decisions by stopping the over thinking and going “Fuck it” and going all in. It is so tempting to do it this time also but I know I really shouldn’t. Purging a wardrobe is an expensive habit be it men’s or women’s clothes you are ditching out on and then later decide you actually need for whatever reason.

“But Jessie if you’re going all woman when would you need men’s clothes?” I hear you ask. Well as I have said I am bigender woman, meaning I have the masculine and the feminine in me and express, just that it is mostly the feminine I express. Basically crossdressing isn’t wearing women’s clothes on occasion it’s wearing men’s clothes on occasion. And I mean that, men’s clothes now feels transgressive for me more so than women’s. This is a point I never thought I would reach but here I am.

I suppose I’ll do the responsible thing and sort out the clothes, mark some for donation and store the rest. But I am so tempted to be irresponsible.

One thought on “Running out of clothing space, possible options

  1. The answer to your question is in the last line. Just start to cull the pile. Trash what needs trashing. Donate what is salvageable. Save and store that which may be needed going forward.

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