HRT Start

So last week I had a video appointment with the Doctor and she sent the prescriptions over to my pharmacy and so the journey begins.

I get a text message from the pharmacy that my prescriptions were ready for pick up. So I head over to the pharmacy and I say I’m there to pick up a couple of prescriptions. The guy says sure, and then says “so one of these is for your wife” I say no pretty sure they are both for me. He checks and rechecks and then says “yes it appears to be, is this a new prescription. I’ll get the pharmacist”

Well the pharmacist comes over and she starts with “So are we doing any name changes or anything at this time?” I explained no. She walks me through the medication. Then she looks at the dosages and is concerned that I am perhaps starting at slightly too high of a dosage after a few minutes I agree to cut the estrogen in half for the first little while to ease into the side effects.

So how did the first week go?
Well the first day was nothing special, a bit fluttery. A Then I started to notice the brain fog as the days went on, which was to be expected. It seems I’m fine in the morning get pretty flat lined in the afternoon and then in the evening get happier. My Fit bit tells me that my heart rate is up overall and my blood pressure checks are high, which explains a few of the things I am feeling. Later in the week I end up with crippling tooth pain and an emergency trip to the dentist I have an infection which may explain some of the side effects I had been feeling if my body had also been fighting off an infection. So some antibiotics and codeine and after a couple days I am back to normal, mostly. Yesterday my testosterone blockers went up in dosage and this seems to have balanced everything out much better. Lower heart rate, less dizziness, and my bp got back into high normal. Oh and the fog is less intense.

So that is week one I suppose we shall see how this goes and if I stick with it.

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