Change in Job it seems

Well after 12 weeks of COVID-19 I have been laid off from my job. Not really a surprise since all the programs I run are not really running this year. Which is a shame since I enjoyed what I did and it was a safe space for my feminine side to develop. It is not clear if I will be returning and I doubt it will be before March of next year, we are also expecting now to be under restrictions until June of 2021. So that’s just great.

Not sure what the future holds, I will apply for EI or CERB and see what comes of that and now I have time to do house yard work but no money to get supplies, sigh. The spouse suggested I spend some time concentrating on transitioning which is a good plan but I am not sure what that would entail. This lock down has been bad for my weight so I should be able to get that back in check. Beyond that I suppose I have to figure out what becoming a woman looks like exactly. There are the superficial aspects sure but I may need to get down into the who she is, well me as her.

Stay safe

2 thoughts on “Change in Job it seems

  1. Losing a job is not good but you should keep looking for new work. Try to make the best of this development and know that you have friends

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