How it is going

Been a few weeks since I last posted as I have been busy. That is normally how it works when you suddenly have all the free time all the things you had been putting off now need to be done. But it has also given me time to reflect on everything that has happened.

I think back over my life and how I always dreamed of being a girl and a woman, though never willing to give up being a boy or a man. The main problem is that to be one you can’t in our society, though that is changing slowly. I see what is happening around the world with trans rights especially south of the border in the U.S. and in the U.K. and am thankful that I live in Canada. Everyone in society must fight against this hate as everyone has the right to be themselves. Calling out the hate and showing that the majority of people support the right to be yourself.

As for the rabbit hole. Well before Christmas I let go of the rope and let myself fall. I still haven’t hit the bottom of the rabbit hole but the fall has been an enjoyable one. I have become more comfortable as a woman with out a doubt, and that is wonderful. I have also become more comfortable with being a man when I am. Basically I am more comfortable as me and generally happier. Basically the rabbit hole is a nice place to be thus far.

2 thoughts on “How it is going

  1. Hi Jessie, nice blog/article like you I have found that progress is slowly being made around the globe. It is sadly a little too late for me but I still believe it will be so much better for each generation. I was asked to do a “lecture” on cultural awareness at our local university here in Brighton (UK). It went very well then one younger student asked a question about cross-dressing being considered a “taboo” in the 21st century. I covered the whole experience in a video
    Keep up the good work and stay safe

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