Farmers Market Adventure

Went out for an adventure today to the Farmers Market. We of course are still under some restrictions with COVID-19 such as one direction travel and masks are very suggested. I really don’t mind the masks as not only do I get feel like a ninja but my identity is slightly obscured. I have been able to ease into womanhood over the pandemic as less time out, fewer people when out, and generally a bit more free time. This has been great for me to explore it and be more comfortable with it, especially getting out.

Yesterday we went out to the mall as a store had a sale on. Women’s clothing only at this store. I picked out a shirt and a skirt and tried them on and the clerk seemed fine. Then at costco the cashier complimented my nails. So a rather good day.

This all leads today. The spouse suggested going to the market and so I had a shower and shaved. Then I looked at my closet and thought “Fuck it” and I picked out a feminine outfit for the hour out but skipped the makeup since a mask was going to be at hand. The spouse didn’t mention anything on the way there. I mentioned it was a first, she asked how I felt. My answer was mostly “meh, most people don’t care”. We got there and I took a breath, donned my mask and we ventured forth. I was a bit nervous for the first few minutes and then eased into it. Really no one took any notice aside form one muscled guy in a tank top with a tiny dog and he just looked.

So all in all a pretty good two days being out as a woman, or womanish at the very least. It’s not he first time as I have been out a number of times prior but this wasn’t for special occasions these last two days these were just errands. It feels very normal and the clothes are way better for the heat. So I know I am on the right path.

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