I fell off the workout train

I was doing so well with working out and loosing weight though diet and excercise. Then full time office work hit. Way less time to work out and basically had time to walk my dog as my workout. But while this was happening I was also spending much more time sitting at a desk so my back started to go out. I wasn’t putting weight on but I was not loosing it anymore either.

So what could I do? Well since I am now on a work from home set up my days have a bit more flexibility. So I have hit the elliptical again on a near daily basis. And while my weight has not dropped I am toning up again and my back is not as sore. I also have slightly sore abs so my core is getting hit the way it should be. Transforming your body with diet and exercise is not a fast process but worth it in the long run, or at least I’m told.

I also bought a new bike! The first new bike I have had since I was in grade 1. I have always had a bike but this was my first new one. My old trek antelope has been an absolutely fantastic bike and has been a commuter and back country bike loaded with gear. I have replaced the rear sprocket, the chain, upgraded the brakes from cantilever to v brake, swapped out the gearing systems, etc. Basically all that is original is the frame, front sprocket assembly, and the rims. While it has been a reliable mule it is also a mountain bike and not as ideal for city work.

So I had some birthday money in June and was trying to decide between a new bike or Milwaukee fuel 12v impact and driver set, both that I could make some serious use of. But I do have other drills and impact drivers and really my health is of paramount. So I went out and picked up a hybrid bike design that is mid level in cost. Hybrids have tires in width between road bikes and mountain bikes reducing friction but also the weight that you have to get moving from stop lights meaning you can get up and going quick. The tires are also rated for gravel though not rail use like a mountain bike, even road mountain bike tires are very off road geared, but it does handle gravel trails nicely. It also has front suspension which is fantastic to take some of the hits. No rear suspension but really unless you are off road your legs are good suspension and if you see people riding rear suspension bikes you see many bouncing as the energy from each power stroke is put into the wheel and also the frame on cheaper or poorly adjusted rear suspension. This means you are loosing energy to this so unless you are hitting trails it’s not a great trade off. Though I have looked into a suspension seat post just because. Now the funny part is that while the new bike is quieter and more comfortable to ride the 25 year old Trek Antelope has a unique feature. It’s front sprocket drive is closer in size to a road bike than most mountain bikes so the new bike is actually a bit slower than the old one.

So why is a bike good for fitness?
Well they do get your heart rate up and moving and are low impact. Car drivers are a pain some times as I have almost been taken out once by someone pushing me off the road, I then got a handle bar mirror to keep an eye on traffic. But they are also very utilitarian as once you have a good carrier bag and/or a rack on the back you can carry a lot of stuff. I can make quick runs to the stores only slightly slower than my car in many cases. I get a bunch of little workouts on daily errands and am also saving some fuel which is great right now.

I also just picked up an older rowing machine yesterday which are a great full body workout for toning which helps with that feminine frame goal. I am sure it will make me sore as hell the first couple times but it will be worth it in the long run. I mean I suppose I also have a small fishing boat with oars if I decided to get insane. As a kid I used to row the boat all of the time so it is a bit of a throw back.

Basically as long as we are doing something we are further ahead. Though diet is still the more important of the two. So I will keep an eye on that also.

Good luck.

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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