Been a Little While

I have yet again been delinquent on updating my own little chunk of cyberspace. I don’t have an actual reason aside from perhaps things just not changing much at all. I suppose I’ll do a quick list.

  • Work: I am still laid off and am listed as on contract with my employer. I know they are in the position of can’t afford to loose me but can’t afford to keep me. I am of course looking for other employment but it is slow going during with the whole pandemic going on.
  • Dressing: Well since I am not working there is little point in getting dressed all nice just to lounge around the house. Well that is partly true I tend to be spending a fair amount of time in the wood shop where make up and nice clothes don’t belong.
  • Woodworking: Speaking of woodworking that has got a little busier at least. For those not in the know I have a small home based jewelry and accessory business made of wood. Needless to say it has been slower during the pandemic with no shows to attend. Luckily the stores that carry our products have picked up a bit.
    Though we have been attending one local market with some success, it’s a little weird still to have our work known. But the market neighbour we have attended many shows with and he makes leather goods such as wallets and purses and he does really nice work. He approached us about making some items together such as glasses cases and clutches and they are turning out quite nicely.
  • Hair: My hair is getting down to my shoulder for no other reason really than I have not got it cut. I’m actually quite happy with the results as my slight natural curl auburn hair is fairly glorious. Though it is getting a bit harder to deal with so I suppose I should get it styled which will be a whole different journey in itself.
  • And how are the hormones going? Well that is a much longer story.

That is about it for my quick update. Perhaps I will spend a bit more time in front of my computer in the next little bit.

One thought on “Been a Little While

  1. Hi Jessie I’m glad I found your blog and following your invitation to leave a comment, here I am writing. I hope you are encouraged to do so yourself as I like your style. Hope to read more from you soon. Stay safe.

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