Add some Colour to your Panty Drawer

Underwear is always a fun topic as we all love panties and bras.  In women’s underwear there are three base colours that every crossdresser should have: White, Black and Nude.  Black because it’s awesome and sexy, white because it is also awesome and sexy but not as socially titillating as black.  Nude because it blends…… Continue reading Add some Colour to your Panty Drawer

Underdress or Incognito?

Almost every crossdresser partakes in underdressing which is the act of wearing women’s clothing (typically underwear) under their male clothes. I on the other hand do not know of the term which describes when a male crossdresser wears women’s clothing which appears to be male as the outermost layer. For instance I had regularly wear…… Continue reading Underdress or Incognito?